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Its Easter Sunday, and for the First Time...

...in a long time, i'm not going to a service. I know, I know... i'm totally backsliding. But I have yet to find a church home. But that's for another whiny post. Instead I'm going to be going to a local rodeo to watch BULLRIDING!!!

The funny thing is that i'm going with total noobs to the scene, oh and did I mention they're Asian Americans and very, very urban. As for me, I grew up around the culture, even had a horse as a kid. But I never was a full participant. I have this weird relationship with rural, cowboy culture. My grandparents are big fans of PBR, my dad grew up totally in the culture, but me, I went to college. So i'm kind of an insider while being an outsider. I don't have any of the clothing, boots or any of the signifiers that I am familiar or part of the culture. I have the same issue with my american indian cultural heritage. Which is to say, i'm a total weirdo...lol.

Either way, today should be... interesting.... Oh and I may have a couple of spare tickets (in SoCal) if you get a hold of me before I go. Hrmm, should I upload some pics from the event?


Mrchien seems to think I should add some country music to make this more interesting, so here ya go!


A fun one!

And now, the cheese

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