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I recall every Easter morning as a little kid an Easter episode of Davey and Goliath was on.

In today’s world it would have been never made the way they did it. It was remarkably liberal. Davey’s best friend was African American which when made in the 60s a rare subject on tv. That probably would still be done. They promoted the idea of tolerance. Religious tolerance, in today’s Christian tv world is totally frowned upon except for Judaism but only because they fear being seen as antisemetic. One episode Davey realized Christians, Jews and Muslims have lots in common. Today folks get fired from religious schools for saying this.

It was created by Lutheran Church. I am not sure how much they drifted far right since then.


Davey and Goliath was still too preachy and Davey was very annoying. It was also fairly liberal by todays standards at least compared to how Christianity is portrayed on tv.

It is not a show to waste time on beyond curiousity factor.Of course memory and nostagia could be clouding my memory.

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