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It's finally happened! NY Honours.

Angela Lansbury has been made a Dame of this fine British Empire! The New Years honours list was very female heavy (well 51%, but it's never been over 47% before) and well deserved. The wonderful Penelope Keith is made Dame Penelope Keith, for those who don't know Keith is a giant of British stage and screen, she was the wonderful Margot in the Good Life in the 70's, has played countless wonderful women in period dramas and was the narrator of the Teletubbies.

OBEs went to Lynda Bellingham (off the telly), Sandie Toksvig (broadcaster, comedienne and famous lesbian) and my favourite Rachel Yankey, who this year had to put up with men talking about how her achievements didn't matter because it's only women's sport, when she broke the National all time appearance record for an England Football player (having played 126 games for England).


Good on you all ladies. Now if we can just make sure all honours are 50/50 from now on and as many Dameships are given out as Knighthoods (usually doesn't happen) and I'll stop finding these nothing awards from the palace to be a hangover from the days of titles and masters.

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