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Welcome To The Bitchery
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"It's freezing and my chest is unsupported!"

I am in need of a couple of new bras—but I am a weird size and I want to be comfortable! My bra size is usually a 34-36A, but my ribcage seems to stick out funny so the underwires will rub their end tips on my chest and be really uncomfortable. I also need lift and enough padding so that I am not shaped like a 13 year-old boy (as my mother like to tell me) but not huge struggle-titty style pads either. And I don’t think I want full cups because I want to occasionally wear kind of low cut tops. I am NOT comfortable getting fitted. I did it once, it was awkward, I don’t want to do it again. Please help! I am willing to spend serious money but I want them to LAST too. Any suggestions will be appreciated!

P.S. Anyone recognize the quote? I think of that anytime my underwire starts irritating during the day!


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