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It's funny how things pop up

Monday, a friend who is currently in the midst of a job search, put a job listing he found on charityvillage.com up on Facebook, to mock it. On a total whim I ran a basic search on their website for any jobs on the website within 25 km. The first job to pop up was an IT job, which from the title sounded very much like Mr. I’s skill set.

Mr. I has worked on accounting and manufacturing software for nearly 20 years, but when you get right down to it, what he does is manipulate data, and the job title is Data Systems and Evaluation Administrator. Mr. I is currently self-employed, but lately the work has really dried up. He hasn’t had a client since the spring. He has been beating the bushes to try and drum up business, but so far no luck. He also has said he doesn’t want to work for anyone else anymore, so I didn’t think he’d be interested, but I figured I’d mention it to him. If nothing else, he might have a friend who would be interested.

I read him the job listing, and he said “Send that to me.” After some initial difficulties (I hate job websites were you can’t just copy and past the link) I printed it out.


Tuesday night, we went out to our neighbourhood Chinese place, and in the course of dinner when he was fidgeting in his pockets, he pulled the job listing out. I inquired, and he said it sounds like a perfect fit for him.

Today he spend some time working on his cover letter. He’s usually a procrastinator, and the deadline for resumes is Sept 9, so he seems quite motivated.

The best bit? The job is listed as full time, 35 hours a week, so if he wants to do some work on the side with his business, he would still have time. It’s also an opportunity to learn new software packages as the stuff he is most familiar with is increasingly obsolete.

The job is in a nearby city, and is definitely doable by transit until he gets his license back in December.

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