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It's gonna be May!

Time to start generating May book club ideas! May’s theme will be...

drumroll please...


Mother-Daughter stories! With Mother’s Day approaching, I thought it’d be potentially fun/interesting/powerful to explore those themes. :)

Please make your suggestions by commenting on this thread. Feel free to suggest as many texts as you like (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or drama—as long as it has a strong mother-daughter theme, it’s welcome!) but, please, for the love of Beyonce and all things holy, make each suggestion in a separate comment! People will vote by starring your comment, so if you list a bunch of suggestions in one, we won’t know which text people are voting for.

The top 3 suggestions will go into a final voting round Fri. morning and a winner will be chosen by Sun. Woot!

And don’t forget, the convo about April’s book, Crocodile on the Sandbank, will be hosted later this month by GT’s own spectacularraptor. She’s the spectacularest! :)

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