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Welcome To The Bitchery

It's great to have your friendly thatch

Don't read if you intend to see Monty Python in theaters and want to be surprised!

Last night I went to see Monty Python's Last Night (theaters all over the world are airing one of the shows from the Pythons' very last run) and it was hilarious, as expected. It was all the old standards, including the Dead Parrot, the Lumberjack Song, the Spanish Inquisition, and some revamped ones like a musical/dance number for the Ministry of Silly Walks. There was drag a-plenty (and don't they still look fantastic in corsets and stockings at their age!). Two audience sing-a-longs, including the Philosopher's Drinking Song. And don't even get me started about the part that made me laugh so hard I cried... ok, if you insist, it was Brian Cox explaining the scientific inaccuracies in the Galaxy Song then getting mowed down by Stephen Hawking who then proceeded to recite the Galaxy Song before flying off into space. Yes, it was that magical. There was also ribbing at each others lives and careers and some sweet moments honoring Graham Chapman, who many years ago went to meet the head of light entertainment in the sky.


But mostly I thought you GT-ers would appreciate knowing that the Penis Song from the Meaning of Life now has verses for the ass and the vagina. Yay for equality! And indeed, it IS fun to own our own vagina, our honeypot, our bearded clam.

But never call it cunt, or we won't come back.

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