This past week I've spent buried in receipts to get everything organized to visit the tax accountant. Now that that's done, I can now concentrate on my upcoming trip to Dubai, and I'm leaving tomorrow. SO EXCITED.

I'm going with my sister, as she's the one who won business class airline tickets to the UAE, and since she's not married or has a steady beau, she invited me to come with her. We're going to be there for a week, and I think we're prepped: we have a tentative list of what we want to see, we know to not dress like American assholes with tank tops and short-shorts, etc.

But I was reading in a travel book that they frown upon drugs there, which, duh. But the book also mentioned melatonin as a no-no, and I was a bit taken aback by that. Especially since that was what I was going to bring with me to help with jet lag. Can any of you well-traveled folk confirm or deny whether bringing melatonin or something like Tylenol PM would be a problem to the UAE?

Also, any other advice or other fun stuff that may not be obvious for the first-time US traveler to Dubai? I've never thought I'd see that part of the world, and I'm super-duper pumped to be able to go!