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It's happening, you guys ...

I just spoke to a placement specialist to get the ball rolling on finding me a school in which to do my student teaching this upcoming January.

I am finally getting excited. My dad’s illness and death made it hard for me to visualize this happening, since a lot can happen in three months. I’ve been working basically nothing but manual labor more than 6 years and it was hard to see myself in a classroom. Despite that, I passed all the tests that I thought I would fail and I have finished most of my coursework. I just need to do 30 more hours of classroom observations.

I have to help my mom with her mortgage since my dad died without life insurance, so saving enough money to be able to take 12 weeks off of work for student teaching seemed un-doable. So my husband and I have been working our asses off lately (and my husband just got a raise), so we have already saved the equivalent of three months’ worth of my regular wages.


This might actually happen. I wish so hard that my dad could have seen me be a teacher, but he would have been happy to see me so close to the finish line. Neither of my parents attended college, so I’ll be the first of my immediate family to graduate. Even if I will be, you know, 31 years-old by then.

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