Okay, Do I? Don’t I? Elections for the local President of my Union are coming up in December. I’ve got to decide if I’m running or not.

I’m tired of our current state, the union is...not unified. The stewards receive no training and aren’t giving opportunities to participate. The current President (who I worked with 2 years ago as his VP) is a sexist megalomaniac with little to know organizational skills or any kind of vision for our membership. He also loves the praise from HR and spends more time in their offices than with our members. Our current VP is entitled af and has been in that role (except for the year I took it) for like 20 + years (no joke) and will do and say anything to keep herself in that job. Many of our members are displeased with the office but they’re a unpredictable so it’s hard to tell if they would vote against the status quo. I’ve got ideas and things I’d like to see happen like training stewards, creating space for members to determine the direction of their local, outreach and communication with the membership, raising our profile among faculty and students through various means (such as donations and other supports for student initiatives) etc.

So why don’t I? Well, the Pres and VP are petty and ruthless creatures and I don’t know if I want to endure all that comes with it during elections and what comes after should I lose. And I worry that maybe I am not the right one to lead and that I could do worse than the current Pres. And I’m an introvert with no idea how to campaign.

Soo...what do ya think? Hmmm..

ETA: Big thank you guys! I’m running. I spoke with a friend and she is going to mentor me and I’ve found support from a few other members. This is going to be interesting and I maybe looking to GT for support in the next while.