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It's June: How are your resolutions from January going?

I'll be frank and honest and say I don't even think I remember mine, but they were probably all the usual: exercise more, eat better, be more organized, plan stuff better, etc.

I'm actually not a big fan of New Years resolutions specifically. I'm a bigger of fan of just resolving to do things whenever during the year.

The easiest ones are simple substitutions for small tasks. All just at some random point in the middle of the year, all which are small beneficial changes that can involve making a small substitution (elevator/escalators -> stairs, beef -> chicken/tofu/felafel, soda -> water). I typically don't hold to them religiously. I probably take the stairs only a few times a week now instead of every day. I do eat less red meat. I definitely opt for water instead of soda at most restaurants now, but sometimes I just really want a coke. But even with slacking, I'd say I have changed my habits for the better.


The harder ones are the one's where I substitute doing one thing with my time with another. Whereas normally I would read internet articles in the morning for an hour before getting up for breakfast, I've been resolving myself to exercise. Which is so tough. I have to get my butt up, change into clothes appropriate for exercise, go to an area with enough clear space to move around, and exert effort. (I know I have all of your sympathies.) About every 2 days I switch between these two videos:

My legs and abs feel sore after these two when I start up doing them, which lets me know I'm at least doing something. I've started this routine before - the longest I've lasted is probably about two weeks, but when I stop I tend to just stop completely and there's none of the echo effect where I incorporate the change into my general life style. (Except that maybe I keep trying a few months later.)


It's pretty convenient though. The low cost of online videos and no additional exercise equipment besides space and a carpet or mat is a definite plus. I can do it in the AC or Heat of my house instead of suffering through the cold or heat of the outdoors. I also have some knee issues and these two are a little bit more gentle on my knees than something like running.

Anyway, I'm going to try this resolution for awhile and see if I can make it stick. Eventually, there are other resolutions to engage, but I feel it's possible that trying to do too many at once will ruin my focus. I'm a pretty conservative person when it comes to this stuff.


How are your resolutions going? Are there small resolutions like taking stairs or choosing water instead of soda that work for you? What about longer term goals that involve more major time swaps? Any resources to share that have helped you with your resolutions?

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