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It's just as I feared...

You may recall on the mainpage they posted a story about a mass murder in Alturas. I just got some text emails this morning. Even though I don't know anyone involved personally, various family members and friends were friends with everyone involved in the incident.(I moved out of the area over 20 years ago, and my immediate family moved out of the states over 5 years ago) While i'm ok, it does mean that in addition to attending a wedding, homework, etc... i'll be counseling folks who are pretty upset over the situation.

It's a bit hard to explain, but in sparsely populated rural areas incidences like this can have a wider impact than just those who live there. Many folks, even non-indian folks have a very clan-based mentality. So everyone knows everyone and many of us are related through blood and marriage. Which is why i'm being pretty vague here, all it takes for one of my rare liberal relatives to log into GT, put the pieces together and next thing i know i'm getting a phone call or FB message of an unhappy nature....

As for the dynamics of this particular situation, if you read the comments section in the local news there's accusations of embezzling being made. Which given the history of the casinos in the area, is a completely realistic assumption to make. I'm sure in the coming days i'll hear more gossip about this.


I'm off to get some work done, feel free to ply me with gifs and other distractions. If i don't get back to you right away, or only star you, it's cuz i'm not in a place to fully reply. :/

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