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It's late. Someone tell me what land OUAT Hook is from, please.

Because I do not understand. Fairy-tale planet is at least aiming at medieval, right? TV medieval, anyway, which I realize has no bearing on actual history, but whatever. But Hook's ship was so very…tricorn hat-y. They look like they're aiming to put down some uppity colonials or something. Friggin' ages off even for TV history!

And they-all just regular-fly to Neverland! Is Neverland actually just one island, and the rest of the world is like 1700s Land (with Magic)? Is Hook actually from the future of Fairy Tale World?????????

No one else is confused, so I am clearly missing something.

Someone explain this, please. In small words, as it is late. If I am an idiot, tell me so politely, call me temporarily fact-deprived or something.


I might actually just fall asleep and not see any answers until morning/lunch. This is a possibility that I acknowledge and apologize for in advance, should this be the case. ETA: This is probably good because I am not entirely sure how many people fit both "awake now" and "watch Once Upon a Time" categories.

I will still care in the morning/lunch, though. This has been bothering me since, like, last episode.

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