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My brother and I communicate mostly through text. Some days one or two and others all damn day.

Anyway the other day I texted him to say that the Drunk History that night would have a bit about Buster Keaton who my brother really likes.

Last night I texted asking him if he liked it and telling him that the Charlie Chaplin part was played by my boyfriend and his future brother in law, Billie Joe Armstrong.


So he texts back: I have no idea who that is.


Me: Green Day. Lead vocals, guitar and main song writer. Overall genius and rock god.

Brother: Ok then.


This was especially painful since I have been listening to their stuff non-stop for a straight month getting ready for their new album, Revolution Radio, which is dropping TOMORROW!


And I had recently shared 11 of their albums with him on my dropbox so his son could learn about good music after attending a Demi Lovato concert with his girlfriend.

Also at 44 and 4 years sober BJ is looking very good. I thought he was cute when Dookie came out but now...DAMN


PS It was announced today that American Idiot is being made into a movie by HBO. And then this happened

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