In trying to crackdown on porn, Tumblr has added #gay, #lesbian, and #bisexual to the list of censored terms that will return no results on their iOS app. They say this is because those tags return too much porn. I say it's because our very existence is seen as obscene, and that this is a crackdown on our very identities. I'm sick of our sex being the first to be censored, and worried about all the queer kids who live in homophobic homes with homophobic parents but who found some comfort on Tumblr.

Yahoo just kills everything it touches.

ETA: As fadedmoon points out, censoring #bisexual but leaving #bi does the exact opposite of what Tumblr claims to be trying to do:

Bi is still allowed but that's pretty much the choice tag for porn. Bisexual(ity) were the ones that are commonly used for advocacy/issue purposes.