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"It's like Yelp, but for people!"

I can’t even with this. I am out of evens.

  • You can’t opt out. Once someone makes an account for you, it’s there forever.
  • Anyone can rate you, as long as they know you as a friend, a professional, or romantically.
  • One founder insists it’s so she can know who to trust her kids with in the neighborhood. I’d say the biggest threat to your kids are the ones that everyone calls ‘upstanding.’
  • The other founder insists that you should want to “showcase your character” because this woman has never seen an internet mob at work.
  • You can’t see negative reviews unless an account is claimed, but positive ones show. These women have never read reviews for a banana slicer on Amazon.
  • Basically, they want everyone to offer feedback on everything you do, and they think you should be grateful because they have no idea how the world actually fucking works.

As a member of the start-up world, I’m sorry that our cesspit has spawned this monstrosity. BRB, burning it all down, starting over.

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