I’m not a huge fan of my own birthday because this time of the year always reminds me of fall and back-to-school. I don’t like either much, haha. But I’ve had a pretty good birthday this year! My parents took me out for dinner Friday and my mom made me cake last night. My boyfriend took me out for dinner on Saturday and also gave me some great gifts :) And the weekend before this past one, my aunt and cousin visited us and we celebrated my birthday then, too. I’m lucky to have these people in my life, and I wish I didn’t take it for granted sometimes.

I’m going to be in school till probably evening because I have lab work due tomorrow and I literally don’t know what he fuck I’m doing! It’s a bit frustrating because I was hoping for some birthday luck and was hoping to be able to do my lab work during my 2-hour break today, but I got nowhere. Sigh, I suppose it is what it is.