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It needs a catchy name. Burt, where are you? UPDATE: THANKS TO TheWL AND YOUGUISE, IT HAS A CATCHY NAME NOW.


I woke up at 7:20 instead of 6:40, got into lab at 8:30, ran around like a maniac until 11, and probably scared the crap out of my co-workers who got in at 10 and tried to chat with me.

I went to class at 11, ran out the door at noon, messed around on GT for 15 minutes, ate lunch and chatted with people for 30 minutes, thought I might be getting sick, printed papers, finished my experiment for the day by 2 pm. I then planned out tomorrow's experiment and prepped for 45 minutes so I wouldn't have to come in at 8:30 tomorrow, but I'll still make it in by 9:30 because I have some weird guilt complex.

I AM AT A LOSS ON WHAT TO DO UNTIL 6. I guess I could go home at 5? I could read papers? I could start another experiment?

I might start another experiment, but I can't believe it's only 3:15. It feels like my day started yesterday.


ETA: I am starting an experiment different from the one I intended to start because the last one partially failed. But it is better, because this one is going to take 3 hours, and I don't have to babysit it so I could technically let it run overnight, versus the one I was intending to start might have taken 4 hours.

ETA 2: I am a moron who scheduled my office hours tomorrow in such a way that I will have to start my experiments by 10, preferably earlier, in order to get anything done. Since I'm supposed to be giving them a quiz this week, I guess people will actually be showing up FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.

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