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It's my birthday!

I'm 23, guyzzzz. It feels so weird to be 23. I mean, no, it doesn't feel different, but it's just hard to imagine that I'm 23, yaknow?

I had a great birthday weekend. I went out to dinner with my family tonight, and my boyfriend and I rode our bikes yesterday around a park. Then he took me out for a fancy dinner and drinks and he also got me some amazing presents. He really made me feel special :) .

Anyway, I'm not really a big fan of my birthday. I always think that it should be something more, for some reason, and I get disappointed when I feel like I haven't achieved "the best birthday ever!1!!!!1!". But I love just doing something small with the people I love, so I'm not sure why it upsets me that I don't plan a huge ordeal for my birthday. I'm not even the kind of person who likes that sort of stuff.


Anyway, enjoy Labor Day if you're in the US like me! And if not, just enjoy your Monday!

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