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It’s my birthday, GT! Come join me in a birthday gif party as I celebrate inching closer and closer to 30.

I hope it’s a better day than Friday was. I had the day off work, so I went to visit my mom 30 minutes away. I stopped at the longest stoplight in town, and these guys pulled up next to me in a van. They started yelling at me, which I thought for a second might be about something wrong with my car. It wasn’t. They kept leering at me. After I shook my head and started ignoring them, they kept calling to me. I don’t know what their deal was, but it was super uncomfortable. Even in the relative shelter of my car, every hair on my body was on high alert. Just another day reminding me of my place in the world.

But let’s not dwell on that right now. Gifs for everyone!


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