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It's my birthday!

Everybody DANCE!


To be honest, I’m surprisingly pumped to be 29. I think it’s going to be a good year. This is the year I’ll (finally) finish my degree, and i’m damn proud that I’ll be done before I turn 30.


At one point, I thought that I would be really freaked out about this being the last year of my 20's, but for real, fuck the twenties. They’re way overrated and I think I’ve become happier and more calm with every year I gain. I genuinely like and enjoy myself, I have a good firm handle on who I am, my anxiety and depression seem easier to manage, and I feel very little need to do anything to please anyone but myself and the people who I know truly care about me. Plus, I’m old enough to have gotten really good at some things, like cooking and my listening/empathy skills.

Also, I’m really glad that I figured out to not get all freaked and bent out of shape about not being married which I guess is a big thing to several other people my age in the south. I am so glad that younger-me’s plans didn’t work out and that I get to spend my time living for me, on my terms. I have time to meet a partner and I don’t want to settle.


I’m going out to dinner and drinks with some friends tonight. Stoked. Also, here’s a gratuitous photo of the donut I got for breakfast from the hipster donut place in town: it has white chocolate filling and strawberry icing!

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