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It's my birthday - Back from MMLA

Happy birthday to me. I'm 25 now.

I got back from MMLA yesterday, and I have mixed feelings about the event.

Positive things:

  • The panel I was on went well, and it was my first real conference. Overall a good experience on that front.
  • One of the people on that panel asked for my contact information so she could get in touch with me regarding a panel she's hoping to organize in the near future.
  • I should be able to get my registration fees reimbursed from the university. See below.
  • Ate delicious lamb tacos for dinner last night.

Negative things:

  • Milwaukee is a shithole.
  • I prepaid and preregistered. When I went to get my name tag and program, they didn't have my name down on their list (though I'm in the program) and so I got a handwritten name tag that looks like what you give to a five year old who wants to feel included.
  • One of my friends, however, had a name tag ready with his name printed on it despite the fact that they told him they had no record of his paying. They gave him the name tag anyway, without requiring him to pay.
  • Three more of my friends didn't even bother going for name tags or paying. No issues. In the future I shall follow their example with MMLA and just not register or pay to go because fuck that noise.
  • Ate a $16 cheeseburger for lunch yesterday. It was good, but I have no idea how we wound up at a pretty fancy looking restaurant with $16 cheeseburgers.
  • The Prophet called me while we were chilling between panels to let me know that the car repair guys said our car was leaking antifreeze and we needed an $800 repair to replace the hose and stuff. Also that we need to replace our tires because they're cracking.
  • We didn't even get out of Milwaukee until after 8 pm because one of my friends really had to visit a liquor store to buy beer in Wisconsin that they couldn't get in Iowa.

But, that's all over now and I will be seeing Thor 2 today as a birthday celebration.

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