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It's my birthday today!

(And Lateef's!)

We are throwing an enormous costume party tomorrow (because 4 of our good friends also have birthdays within 2 weeks of mine). My roommate and I are going as Snooki and JWoww (I'm JWoww), lol. And GreenHunk is going to be Epic Sax Guy.

Yay! Help me celebrate with gifs!!!

P.S. I owe a huge apology to FreeSampleThief and UberTrout. I promise I absolutely will help both of you with your taxes, and soon, but this has been a craptastic week. I was totally triggered because of turning in my coworker for sexual harassment and then spending hours in court renewing my restraining order, and GreenHunk and I had a few related fights. But I haven't forgotten and I feel shitty for not getting back to you sooner. Please forgive me! I love you both!


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