Why do my parties always end up so lame?

So, basically, I planned a classy party. Champs, cheese, fancy crackers, prosciutto (did I spell that right?), strawberries, and cake. Thanks to everyone who gave me the advice, by the way! But, like always, people can't come.

They all have legit reasons. One has this nurse test that she has to pass to be a nurse. One is out of the country. Not so legit-one hasn't even RSVP'd (she never does), and like, a bunch of other people already have parties to attend that night. Yup.

So, assuming that the other person still wants to come, it looks like me and my friend are going to get super fucked up on bubbly. And I'm going to have so much food left over. I don't want food left over, because I'll never eat it. Not an ED, just more of a junk food person, not an 'every day is a party snack day' person.

I need to get better at mobilizing the people to come to my fancy parties. Seriously, I am the only person in our group with the good booze and food. That should be incentive enough! Sorry, had to vent. Anyone else have this problem?


Edit: ROOF PARTY! That's another idea!

Edit 2: I just planned another party way far in advance. It's another champagne night, but this time I'm telling people to bring some. I'll have some stocked, but I want them to bring their favs! I'm seriously considering making it Ab Fab themed...