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It's not a slur if I'm just saying what they would say...

I called this guy out last night on Facebook for a trans slur he made in a Facebook group I'm a part of. It was during a discussion on how a transgender woman was being treated in a Jehovah's Witness congregation. The guy who started the discussion said that the woman found a man in the congregation and she wants to marry him, but the Elders were having a problem because they view the relationship as a homosexual relationship.

The original poster asked if anyone knew how the JW organization would rule on this situation, and this other guy commented, "He lost his penis, he can't be a part of Jehovah's organization."

I wasn't going to say anything at first because many of the other comments were awful, too, like "We he's a woman but he used to be a man" blah blah blah, but eventually I said something like, I know you're trying to be funny but commenting on a trans person's genitals like that is very disrespectful and so is using male pronouns when it's clear that female pronouns are appropriate here.


So he basically lost it on me and said, "I was only commenting on how the organization would view it roma you don't know anything about me and you should keep your ASSumptions to yourself because my daughter is gay and she has lots of transgender friends who I took in when no one else would so don't act like you know anything about me."

And of course that comment got a bunch of "likes" and people were actually apologizing FOR me to him.

I just replied with the anchor man "well that escalated quickly" meme and said, Sorry, I didn't know you were so cool. And he replied that he hates the patriarchy and misogyny and slut-shaming etc etc.

But I'm still like, man, he said something really fucked and he's basically saying "that's just what THEY would say" and it's okay for him to say that because he has a gay daughter who has trans friends, what?


I still think I'm right and his comment was out of line and inappropriate, but apparently I'm the only person in this group who thinks so.

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