Kind of inane. Someone on Facebook posted a nice memorial for the 60th anniversary of the end of the Holocaust, highlighting all of the groups that were killed during it. This super religious chick comes in and feels the need to add Catholics to his list and starts talking about her feelings when she went to a concentration camp. On the one hand, if it is actually the case that Catholics were targeted (which I am not familiar with), it is indeed sad. But Catholics in Europe don't exactly have a history of being ostracized like Jews, the Roma, etc, so it feels odd to insert yourself into a tragedy like that, particularly one so horrific.

The whole talking about her feelings visiting a concentration camp thing is off-putting to me as well. I did go to Buchenwald when I visited Europe as part of a school trip, but it seems tone-deaf to co opt the conversation and make it about your feelings. I don't know, maybe I'm just grumpy today because of too many lame April Fool's pranks. Am I being overly sensitive here? (It's totally fine if you think I am).

ETA: Now that post is a fucking feelings party. I give up.