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Some of us are different.

Yes there are many who act like that but, it's not all of us.

I know when you are walking alone at night you get scared when you see us walking in your direction. Not all of us are going to harm you.


The stuff you read about in the news is just exaggerated. Not all of us are going to hurt you.

When we stop you in the street to talk to you, don't assume something bad is going to happen. We are not all mean. Sometime we just want to talk.

When we see you walking and we yell at you from our car, it doesn't mean we will do anything. Not all of us are harassers.

Oh sorry. I was thinking of all the shit that is told to my black ass about the police. It's really hard to believe that garbage when it's happening all of the time. It's real hard for me to say that all officers are racist assnuggets while telling women "don't say all men because it's not all of us". True, not all men are rapists, just like not all police will fuck up some random stranger. I seriously doubt women want to take that chance though, especially since they know from first hand experience.


Actions speak louder than words. You don't need to tell woman that you aren't some scrub. Just not being a scrub is good enough. Nevermind scratch that. There is more you can do.

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