This didn’t happen to me directly, thank God because I probably would have Hulk Smashed.

I work at a fairly large company and my boss has been recruiting on a very high level position and we’re at in-person interview stage for a bunch of candidates this week. When I say high-level I mean CEO, COO, CFO type role of a fairly large organization. The candidates have had FaceTimes and phone screens. But that undercover crazy is stealth.

She goes to the lobby to bring someone into an office, she walks up and say “Candidate?” Middle-aged guy, well-dressed, smiles stands up “Bosslady! So good to meet you in person” AND THEN KISSED HER CHEEK! Guys this is a stranger save a couple phone conversation, no past work relationship and out the gate he decides to start the interview with a kiss? Is this real life? Do I work at Sterling-Cooper now?


Boss said she literally froze, she brought him into an office, said she let him talk about 10 minutes, told her boss what happened, he’s giving the guy 10 minutes and then a third person has to see them to be polite (in reality CYA in case this guy claims we didn’t give him a fair interview). Boss has to walk the guy out (her boss had a legit meeting or he would have done it). Motherfucker did it again!

So that was our creeptastic morning.