It's not even lunch, and I'm already ready for today being done and it's not even noon yet. And, it isn't even big things that are making me cranky, it's just all these little things that are adding up.

1) The big problem is ManBerry is going through a really stressful time right now, and it kills me there is nothing I can do. And, he is one of those people that tends to shut others out when he is going through stuff. So, I want to be there helping him through hugs or whatever, but instead am leaving him alone and giving him the space he needs. But, still wondering if I should maybe be forcing him to interact with me. It sucks, because things have been going really well with us lately, and were looking to get even better, and then this has to happen.

2) I want to get one of my officemates a "fuck" shock collar. I have no problems with swear words being used (though I tend not to myself), but I get annoyed with them when they become a verbal tic. Just as I get annoyed with people that use like a lot, I get annoyed with the use of fuck too much. Like today, it was "Oh, I leave my car unlocked all the fucking time" or "I need to go to the post office to pick up my fucking package" (it is possible the package is full of dildos, but I doubt it). Sure, use fuck when you stub your toe, or are talking about your asshat next boyfriend, or the legislation the fucking asshats in our State Legislature are proposing. But, all the time....just stop!


3) I swear, everybody I know is getting pregnant or having babies right now, and it is kind of making me sad. I don't want a baby right now where my life is, but if things had gone as planned, in an ideal world, right now I would be married and close to babies. I'm usually pretty okay with it, but not when I'm cranky. Doesn't help that I have people like my grandmother that are "really disappointed" in my brother and I for not being married and having kids. And my mom being all "Your father and I are really okay with you not having kids right now" with that implied "but....". Sorry, sometimes life doesn't go as planned....and I'm still only 28.

ETA 4) My co-worker just started Weight Watchers again. She is kind of weight obsessed already. If anybody notices her e-cigarette she tells them "Oh yes, I've quit smoking cigarettes. I've gained 16 lbs as a result." But now, I get to hear her talking about how lettuce is 0 pts and her dressing is blah, blah, blah. Her and my other officemate were already pretty calorie obsessed, and I just see this making it worse. I love my officemates, but when you have 3 people in a little building, things can just get annoying sometimes; I'm sure they could give a list of little annoyances about me

Mostly, I'm just cranky, want to go home, take a nap, and start today over again. Anybody else cranky? Tell me you annoyances today if you, like me can't wait for Hump Day Dump Day or Turdsday Thursday.