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There’s apparently been weird shit happening all over our neighborhood for a couple months. After finding my breaker box open the other day I hopped on Nextdoor to see if anyone else had mentioned odd happenings, and wow. Several of our neighbors have installed cameras and camera doorbells after suspecting prowlers, having packages stolen, having someone pound on their door late at night, all kinds of crap. Then two days ago when my husband got home from work our block was swarmed with cop cars responding to some sort of incident at the house directly behind us. They were there for hours, and we still have no clue why because they wouldn’t tell us anything. They had an officer posted in our neighbor’s back yard right next to us. We were told to stay inside and keep our dogs in. I haven’t been able to find any information about it. This is all just so weird. We live in a quiet little area with a bunch of families, right next to a middle school. Kids play in the street, people walk their dogs after dark, it’s the kind of place people feel safe. I feel...a little less so now.


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