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It's not that cold.

Let me start by saying that I lived in NYC for 5 years. I am familiar with not only the weather, but with the fact that people have to walk outside a lot, vs. simply getting into their cars and driving to a place where they park and have to walk another 40 feet into their heated work building. I'm not trying to start a pissing contest about "HAHA! I walk barefoot in the snow in Chicago until it's below zero!" kind of thing.

But this is now two Gawker writers who have complained about how freezing cold it is in NYC right now, plus some people on my FB. According to weather.com, it is currently 33 degrees in New York, with a wind chill of 29 (it's also snowing, which it also did here yesterday). Even by New York standards, this is far from "freezing cold" in anything other than the technical sense of the word "freezing". It's going to get much, much colder.

And I think that's why it bugs me. I can't take 4 straight months of everyone complaining about how cold it is, especially after last winter when we all complained bitterly about it every day for 4 months, because it didn't get above single digits temperature wise for two straight months. Could we maybe just all agree that we will not complain about the cold until January? When it's like in the teens or something? 29 degrees, by all accounts, should be a tolerable temperature for someone who lives in NYC. It's not like it's suddenly 29 in Mexico, where people don't have/need winter coats.


I just wish we didn't start the "OMG, it's soooooooooooooooooo freezing!" stuff so early. There's plenty of time for that, you guys.

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