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It's Now OK To Fat Shame Kids Online, Apparently

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So. The title kind of says it all, right? Because I just was lead to this blog post by "lifestyle blogger" Mish — titled, not ironically at allI'm really not trying to be offensive...


This whole post just stops me right in my tracks. It's like a greatest hits list of anti-fat stereotypes and concern trolling. The weirdest part is that it's this strange mix of apologia... as though she knows she should not feel good about throwing all this out into the great wide internet, and really blatant fat shaming. Of little kids. Did I mention that? Little kids she took pictures of, and then covered their heads. So now they get to be little "Headless Fatty" cliches (who can probably still recognize their outfits online).

Let's let Mish explain herself for a second, shall we?

Here's the thing. I'm really not trying to offend. But don't you think something's wrong with this picture? We're taking our children on school field trips to The Coca-Cola Factory and letting them run wild and bombard their bodies with cups and cups of sugary drinks all the while sending them the message that this is perfectly acceptable?
Aren't we supposed to be educating our children on the benefits of a healthy body?
Aren't we in some sort of "childhood obesity" crisis?
And these poor kids, they don't know better. They never learned, obviously.
Maybe our schools should think of other educational field trips that don't involve learning about the history of Coca-Cola and instead teach them more important things like health?

I don't know.

I obviously don't have children, but something just doesn't sit right with me on this one.
Maybe it's not the school's fault. Maybe it stems from the parents and their lack of education.
I remember one time when I was younger, this neighborhood family would give their barely two-year old a bottle filled with SODA.
Soda! For a 2 year old!
But that was so long ago, surely things should have improved in that department by now?
Apparently not, so I learned today.


(That's how she formats her writing. I did not do that.)

Here's the hard truth, Mish: anyone who starts any comment with, "I'm really not trying to be offensive..." is but a slur away from "Yo, is this racist?" What you've done is inappropriate and wrong. Not only because it could well give at least one of these kids a body complex (you could argue the likelihood of them seeing their photo online is low, and I could argue it's significantly higher than if it didn't exist), but also because you are concern trolling in the very worst way.


This idea — that fat is synonymous with health — is destroying people. It does not help, and it is not true.

I am not for a moment suggesting that soda is the best thing for kids, that is NOT what this is about. What I am saying is that it is profoundly stupid to assume that any kid's drinking of soda on a soda factory field trip is somehow indicative of their overall dietary health. The only thing more stupid is assuming that a student's size is automatically an indicator of their overall health.

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