You guise, life is hard right now. Work is bonkers, school is deeply difficult, and Dr. Who is fictional. In between solving All The Problems while at work today, I bemoaned the fact that nothing amazing will ever happen to me.

Work will continue to be crazy for the next few weeks. So much so that even though my semester only started a week and a half ago, I'm already behind. I'm taking two classes, both of them a massive amount of work. Today, I realized I would have to drop one of them. I haven't really got a choice. I'm bummed.

So, to cheer myself up, I entertained myself briefly today by using Google maps to try and plot out a two week vacation for myself to the UK. I'm thinking of coming into London and then heading north ... a few days in Yorkshire, up through the Lake District, and then all the way up into Scotland. (I'd love to also make it through Wales and then all the way over to Ireland, but I don't see that happening in a two-week timeframe.) Then, back down to London, a quick jaunt over to Stonehenge, and then home again, home again. I think I'm going to do this!


So, darling UK Jezzies, does this sound reasonable? Would it be better to take trains or rent a car? Is this something that's weird to do all by myself? Any advice / travel agent recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

(BTW, I'd be going in January. I'm a Californian. I don't even own a coat. How can I be contemplating Scotland? What is wrong with me?)