Okay, Kinja, we get that you've changed your look. Now give us the bullet points as to how this is better than the old version. None of that long winded bullshit. Bullet. Points. Skimmable. Outline format. In plain English. Can we respond to more than one person involved in a thread? Or is it still one person at a time? What are these "groups" and how are they not cliques? or are they cliques? Why are some comments automatically filed under "groups" rather than in the list like the rest? Why are there two banners? Why are they different sizes, that don't fit the dimensions? What happens if the photo with the top trending story is offensive and I don't want to have to look at it? Can I block it? Why can't I see gifs in the "groups" listing? Why is it that when I click a comment that was shared from another posting to Groupthink, it doesn't actually take me to the exact comment? Just somewhere arbitrary on the page it was shared from. That's temporary, right?

These things may be covered in the "learn more" link, but it started to feel like it was talking in circles and I do not have that kind of patience.

Does anyone in GT know how this is supposed to be better? I'm trying to find the positives, rather than the "Change, eeeew!" negatives. Some plusses to list, in response to general outrage.