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No one has officially conceded yet, but as expected, Republican candidate John Kennedy has beat Foster Campbell to win the LA senate seat by a considerable margin 61% to 39%.

I’d like to give a credit to my home parish, one of the few places to go blue, and go with a vengeance (Orleans Parish went 82% for Campbell).

In terms of perspective though, while I know there was a nationwide push to try to get Campbell elected to help increase the number of Democrats in the house, and yes, it does suck that he lost because Kennedy is an absolute garbage person creature, but Campbell is a Southern Democrat and would have likely voted with Republicans on many key areas - for instance, he is very pro gun, anti choice, and anti immigrant. It is absolutely a loss because Kennedy is horrific, but at the same time, a little bit of my heart hurt today casting my vote for Campbell and someone who believes what he does. This was a lose/lose situation today.


Good night GT. The last of the elections are officially over now at least.

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