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It's pay day!

So what's the first thing I buy? Ice cream (it was on sale!), shells n cheese, and beer. Because I'm a Grown Up, dammit! I'm also going out of town this weekend, so I'm putting off real grocery shopping until next week. I also ordered some Advantage on Amazon for the kitties. By the time it arrives it will have been over a week since I tried that generic stuff, so I should be able to wash it all off with a gentle Dawn bath (oh shit, should get some of that, too) and give them the good stuff.

So far today I've combed one cat, and only found 3 fleas! So maybe it's working? Oh god, just thinking about it makes me want to take another shower. And the poor babies are being so cuddly and loving, and it takes all of my energy and willpower (I'm OCD about bugs) to not recoil in fear and actually pet them when they come around. I've been putting a towel on my lap so they can cuddle on that and then I can shower and wash the towel and not go crazy. I'm also going to go to Home Depot tomorrow and get some food-grade diatomaceous earth to sprinkle about before I leave this weekend.

Thank Gob this week is half over. Now for some badly needed comfort food (SHELLS N CHEESE YOU GUYS!) and a beer.

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