It's Raining Men! Hallelujah!It's Raining Men! Every Specimen! Tall, blonde, dark and lean. Rough and tough and strong and mean.

I work at a military training camp, and it can be pretty cool. Though eventually you get used to all the C-130s and 160s coming in all the time, and the Humvees and other military vehicles driving through town and down the highway, and all the attractive uniformed men walking around.

Anyway, right now we have a giant, multi-state (and I believe international) training group here, I think at the peak we will have 3,000 people here (my town only has a population of 1,200). They are also doing training in the Dakotas and maybe elsewhere. Part of their training here was a unit out of Texas doing an airdrop exercise. I got to sit outside on a beautiful sunny blue sky day and watch ~200 people jump out of C-130s only 1,000 ft off the ground carrying nearly their own body weight in equipment (one of their commanders was telling us about a guy in their until that only weighs ~100 lbs, and the combined weight of his chute and gear is nearly 140 lbs), basically the equivalent of jumping off a 2-story building, or out of the back of a truck going 25 mph.

It is a sight you don't get to see too often, at least in peaceful conditions. Though, I need to stay in my job for another year, because next year they are planning on bringing in their units from Alaska and Rhode Island and dropping 600 people.