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It's Scary When Things Go Right

I am so used to my life being one crisis after another.

For the second time in my life everything seems to finally be coming together. The first time my life collapsed in the most brutal way. I can either blame myself for it or the people responsible. I've worked really hard on not blaming myself for things other people did to me.

Too many things are going right currently.

It started at the very end of December when my car died. It was stressful and meant a lot of juggling bills and two very tight months but we were able to replace it.


Before we just would have been screwed if that had happened.

Now all of a sudden we seem to have our financial shit together. There are no crises involving the kids. No calls from the police, etc.

The worst that has happened is that I've had bronchitis for a few weeks. Big deal.

I am seriously not used to not being worried. I don't know how to deal with this.


We're actually starting to make plans for the future. We've gone from how are we going to put gas in the car this week to let's start looking at property in the countryside for a getaway.

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