Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My mom and I are going to Cabo in two weeks and holy fuck I am so looking forward to it, even though I haven’t had a bikini on for like 5 years. So, let’s talk beach vacations—what you like to pack, the truth about waxing, best reads, etc etc. I spent all day yesterday window shopping online and watching 13 Reasons Why and could use some opinions.

Here is all the shit I’ve been collecting on a Pinterest board. Tell me what you like and what is fugly. I am packing The Handmaid’s Tale, The Killer Beside Me and a stack of New York/New Yorker/Time issues I haven’t had the time to read. I plan on living in a suit and some form of coverup the entire time.


A few questions...

  • I have two weeks and my skin hasn’t seen sun for like a hundred years. I typically use St Tropez but any recommendations for not looking like a sallow ghost when I get there would be appreciated.
  • I have never gotten my legs or nether-regions waxed but have an appt a few days before leaving. ADVICE PLS.
  • Gonna try some Glossier products, any of you tried and loved/hated any of it?
  • I travel a lot (although mostly for work, not the beach) but I always love to hear what other people pack for trips. Any favorites? Recent favorite of mine, LUSH MADE BUBBLE BATH BARS OMG so perfect for travel. I also never travel without this sleep mask. I am so obsessed with it, any my son has one too that he uses to go to sleep.
  • Any favorite skin or hair items for the sun/sand? Favorite SPF?
  • Podcast recommendations? I listen to MFM, Last Podcast and Casefile for true crime, and am kind of addicted to a lot of the Cave Comedy casts, like Round Table and Page Seven. I subscribe to a lot of good ones (2 Dope Queens, Axe Files, Creative Pep Talk, etc) that I only sometimes listen to, but could use some new ideas. I like....everything, just on a comedy/true crime kick these days.


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