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it's thanksgiving. What are you drinking, watching?

For me, it's Angry Orchard Cinnful Apple. It's not as good as Woodchuck Fall Seasonal, which I couldn't find at all this fall season. Every place I went had just run out. But it is really, really good. I'm watching episode 4 of Ken Burns Jazz documentary on Netflix. It's good, but whenever Winton Marsalis shows up I want to throw something at the screen. PhMom and I just finished Thor, which is...adequate. That Thor guy and Natalie Portman are both attractive, so that's a plus. We just saw The Avengers last week. (You have no idea how much it embarrasses me, as a nerd and a Whedon fan to confess that). We wanted to watch all those movies, which I recall having been available, but they aren't now so Netflix and Woodchuck can both go jump in a lake. Oh, there's Winton again. That smug bastard.
Any way, I might get up early tomorrow to get the freebies from Half Price Books and participating in the war on Christmas that is Black Friday.


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