I hate Halloween. I really really can't stand it. I've learned on GT that murricanos don't do fireworks on H'weeny, but where I'm from and where I live it's firework time and idiots wander around lighting them off. Back home, if I can call it that, there are ALWAYS kids blowing their arms off with firecrackers. In fact, in Vancouver, I think Halloween is the *only* time there are public fireworks permits. Not sure about elsewhere in Canada.

I'm glad I live in a Middle Eastern neighbourhood now, where people don't give two shits about Halloween. Where we used to live, we'd be inundated with people letting off firecrackers in front of our house and terrifying the cats. In the UK, right after Halloween it's also Bonfire Night and some of the squares in the area put on a fireworks show, but that okay because they're pretty pro and it's all managed properly.

The point of this rambling is that, if this is true, and you people in Canada's underpants don't do fireworks at this time of year, then could I come live in your beautiful country for just one week a year? Please?