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It's that time again, wherein I pick your brains...

I am compiling designs I'd like to print using methods other than 4C giclée and I've love feedback on a few things.

I will be doing the periodic table in a large format 1C screenprint. Still waffling on paper and color. However, I'd also like to do a series of 8 x 10 prints with individual elements. Gold, copper and silver would be done in coordinating metallic inks OR foil, neon would be screenprinted in a bright neon color (I will also ask about specialty foils, perhaps they have neon) and hydrogen can be done in a few ways—as a blind emboss or in a clear foil varnish, or some combination of the two.

I am debating between white, black or kraft stock. Thoughts?


I think that the abacus could be cool in multiple metallics (either foil or screenprint) too, probably on black.

Believe it or not that thing sells a ton, even though it's just a bunch of dots :-)


I also thought that the stars and ampersand—more "grown up" designs could be pretty in foil, maybe on a brighter paper stock?

As soon as I get these done, I will also do the "head in the clouds" series, but I can't decide how to produce! They could be letterpress or screenprinted, but I just can't make up my mind.


So what do you guys think on the elements idea? Is it silly? I could see myself definitely hanging the metallics as a series. Should I tweak the designs so they are more interesting? Incorporate some different fonts maybe? Or are they good as-is?

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