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It's that time of year

Where I must ask you all to please not fuck with any baby bunnies you find. Wild rabbits have an extremely low rate of survival when they’re being cared for by humans. Baby bunnies survive maaaaybe ten percent of the time when they’re being cared for by a licensed, experienced wildlife rehabilitator/rescuer. They actually have a better chance of surviving on their own in the wild as orphans than they do with human intervention. Sounds impossible, right? I mean, veterinary medicine is so advanced and they do amazing things for other species, right? WRONG. Rabbits are extremely, extremely fragile, and die of fright very very easily. A vet tech I used to work with said that rabbits will die if you look at them wrong, and she was correct. Being handled by, or really, even hearing or seeing humans close up is so stressful for a wild bunny that it can go in to cardiac arrest. So please, please, please leave any baby bunnies you find alone, even if you saw the mother get killed. They’re better off alone, and even if they do die, other wild species (such as birds of prey) need to eat, too - it’s the circle of life.


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