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Welcome To The Bitchery

It's that time of year!!

Oh yes dear groupthink, it really is that time of year. The time of year during which I officially declare it Ugg* season. I will tolerate no hate speech against Uggs*. There are, quite simply, no other valid opinions. Uggs are the flip flops of winter. I move straight from flip flops for dog walking and trips to places that don’t matter (most of them) to Uggs*. There is no inbetween weather. There are two options that my brain can comprehend when walking a dog at 5 am. Flip flops or Uggs. Both are a godsend to lazy people with dogs to walk or just places to go and zero fucks about how others judge their attractiveness.

It’s officially Ugg season. My sock-less, but cozy feet rejoice!

*I’m too cheap for Uggs so they are actually knock-offs called DAWGS because I seriously give no fucks anymore and I’m cheap and I just end up stepping in dog shit at 5:15 am anyway.

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