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It's That Time! Time for an Englebert Humperdink Christmas!!!!!*

I know, you're excited. We all are. Look at this stud:

Let me in, Humpy, I want to be warm with you!!!!!


Oh, you came out be with me? And you changed your sweater? That's fine, too!

Oh, and there's this prize, too:

Moved on to a vest. Meow.

This one is so boring:


MOAR HUMPERDINK! (yell that out loud. Best thing to yell out loud since voices were invented)


Art! Sidenote: I miss Sam Goody.

Oh, God, there's are so many good Englebert Humperdink Christmas memories. This:


and this:


I'll stop. It gets to be too much.

And I know it's early. I know that. But I'll be listening to this, too:


Also featuring James Last! Who is that!

I will be listening to all of these on our 5-changer record player. Technology!

You're jealous. That's fine, that's why I shared. MARRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!


Oops, I spelled Merry "Marry" because I want to marry Englebert Humperdink! Freudian Slip, Humperdink addition!

*(I tried for entirely too long to format this correctly, and I'm tired of it. Now it's a poem. A mystery Christmas poem. And a gift)

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