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It's the little things. Vent post

Hiya GT, what’s eating YOU today?

OT for Whines, whinges, & vents!!!

I have to work soon, so i can’t star everyone right away, but i will as soon as i can!


My whine:

I just let the dogs out the back door to discover this:

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Now i *don’t* know exactly what happened yet, but i suspect that someone leaned too hard on the railing last night, and broke the railing, because it looks like the bottom side of one of the ends was rotting away.

But (AFTER hoping no one was seriously hurt!) I realized after looking at it for a couple minutes, that i KNEW those long boards.🤔


Someone used my Quilt Frame boards to fix the railing😑😯🙁😳

Those of you who sew might get it...

These are the boards that have been used on EVERY quilt that my Mom, Aunts, and Grandma ever made us. I have spent hours tying quilts pinned to this frame, because every quilt I have ever put together has ALSO been made on this frame...


I just kiiiiinda want to cry right now, because i have ENOUGH OTHER STUPID SHIT in my life right now, and then *Someone* grabbed what were NOT THE ONLY LONG BOARDS IN THE GARAGE/HOUSE 😠😬😲 And drilled holes through them😑😒😣

Yes, i can sand them down, and even out the roughness....and i WILL. 

But it’s the fact that we HAVE PLENTY OF 2×4's downstairs from the bathroom which is still not done, and instead, someone grabbed the quilt frame boards out of the garage🙁


And i still have to start an 8+ hour shift in the pulltab booth* in half an hour, and turn in homework assignments allllll day tomorrow, so i have NO time to pull then right now & replace with boards that CAN get rained on😯😕😣

*at least it’s at the Old Guy Bar, which is my favorite site!💗

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