I like my church pretty much all the time. They are nice liberal church who takes their instructions from the verse that says, "Do justice, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God." They are motivated to social justice.

(Also a surprising amount of little old women here are huge SF fans. They would never see a superhero movie if they could help it but they can quote Asimov and Alien. I think that's pretty cool.)

I really enjoy the church's Fall Festival Yard Sale. The church I attend has a good mix of people, but it's primarily upper class and upper middle class. Basically the stuff that they decide is cluttering up their jewelry box is considerably nicer than most other people's clutter. From there I can get for very little nice Christmas presents, good quality jewelry to take apart and of course nice things just for me.

Yesterday's haul was pretty awesome. Towards the end of the day, they get rather desperate to clear out stuff and deal they give is $5 dollars for anything that you can fit in a bag. The bag is pretty big and I'm a good packer.

I present some of my haul:


  • The stuff I'm keeping* working from the right hand side: sterling earrings in the shape of pheasants (I have no idea why I like them as much as I do), One Ring To Rule Them All (it just called to me), a sterling pendant (I have no idea what the black gem there are just so many of them), sterling silver and probably moonstone earrings, a feather necklace with tiger eye extender, two green stones (if I had to guess, it's probably jasper but who knows?) and a Kirk pewter bracelet. Also a very nice peach candle.
  • Etienne Aigner (leather)


  • (Not leather)
  • Nine West (leather)
  • Owning a Coach bag has created a monster for I now own 4 bags. I could have gotten another Coach and a Michael Kors but they were the hideous printed fabric ones. I won't own those thank you. I also didn't think they were in good enough condition to sell on ebay either. Besides my bag was getting full.


  • I continue to be an adult with an larger amount of plushes than is normal. I bought Boober Fraggle because (a I like Fraggle Rock rather a lot and (b Boober is my gloomy spirit animal. I was given the Opuses after I mentioned how tempted I had been by them to the lady at the checkout. I joked a little about how naturally one of my favorite comics growing up was based in social and political commentary. Her reply was, "I don't doubt it at all." Apparently, I just seem the sort. I'm glad I didn't mention that my other favorite comic was Pogo.

It was a nice day. The church lets us sell our jewelry there for free and we sold a pleasantly large amount. We can never predict how much we'll sell anywhere, and this was a surprise. Last year we sold poorly for whatever reason. This year I didn't expect to make much because of the political and economic gloom now, but we did well.


Also, incidentally yesterday I had whatever the opposite is of starving. When I walked in I given donuts (Blueberry cake, and a donut version of a Samoa). Someone later gave me peanut butter cookies and I put them aside for later when I'd get hungry. After a bit, I was getting hungry and someone came by and gave me a couple of scones from Panera (his wife had gotten him too much). I was about to eat one of them, when a man gave me bowl of hot clam chowder that the men's group makes to sell. I decided to eat that instead because it's a shame to let good soup get cold.

Last but not least:


  • My Mom won a camera tripod in the silent auction. It is possibly related to the fact that she was assigned a table near the tripod and she was read to deploy either a stink eye or distracting conversation. She said to me, "I know you've been wanting one for a long time and haven't had the funds to spare for a good one.** Happy Halloween and I want no tricks out of you." She's the best, and I promised her no tricks.

Incidentally, I have no idea why my more republican relatives are shocked/horrified when lower income people have have nice stuff. They know I'm not rich and they know I shop places like this where I can get all kinds of things. And yet they still assume that assume that a person must be stealing or somehow using their welfare benefits on accessories. Dear Republicans, sometimes we just grab a plastic bag, use packing skills learned from off brand TETRIS and pay five dollars for stuff.

* Some of the jewelry is pretty much for taking apart and making better stuff with and not worth photographing. Some are presents and I can't risk the intended people seeing them on my computer. Some I might send in the next GT swap.


**It's lovely and and surprisingly tall.