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It's the Thought That Counts

Today, my son received a mezuzah in the mail. For those of you not familiar with what that is, a mezuzah is a kind of plaque containing a prayer scroll that, in Jewish religious tradition, you hang on your door post.

Neither I, nor my husband is or has ever identified as Jewish. We were both raised Catholic. We are now atheists.


The mezuzah came directly from the company, so at first we had no idea who it came from. We finally found the shipping slip—it was from Monsieur's über Catholic grandma. Like... Goes to church every day Catholic.


Okay—one possible explanation. Nana was still under the impression that I was Jewish, which was an early misconception from early in our relationship. (It wasn't ridiculous. 1—my history concentration in college was Ancient Israel. 2—I worked at a Holocaust museum. 3— I am often mistaken as Jewish even by people who don't know the first two points.)

So Monsieur texts his mom...

"Hey. So Nana just sent Will a mezuzah. Does she still think LaComtesse is Jewish?"


Return text...

"No. She thinks you're both Jewish. Because she knows you're not Catholic anymore, so that means you must be Jewish."


... ... ... Okay. Anyway, totally cracked me up and it's still a sweet gift.

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