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It's Time for FluterDog

FluterDog has had a rough day.

She's headed to Grandma's house in [redacted] for the holiday. It's winter here in Kansas and the wind is cold, so we're spacing groomings a bit further than we normally would. (My friends assure me that oily terriers are not things the general public is familiar with, but they have a double coat and one of them is water repellent. After three or four weeks, they start to leave a grimy film on your hands when you give them a rubdown. After checking my calendar ... we were on week five. But if I'd gotten her a haircut, she'd freeze!)

So the FluterDog was a little grimy, and Grandma will latch onto any excuse to complain about doggies, even if she does love having FluterDog around. I may or may not have found a Pantene dry shampoo free sample and tested it on her, hoping to solve the problem easily.

Note to the public: Pantene's dry shampoo does not work on Airedales.

My friends assured me that an oily Airedale was not acceptable, so I set about the messy business of cleaning her up. Here she is, naked, moist, and pleased as punch to have finally escaped the bathroom:

And here she is several hours and two tiresome attempts at blow-drying later. Fresh as a doggy daisy.


This has been your daily dose of FluterDog.

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