I know people have mixed feeling about Unpopular Opinion posts, but I like them!

Today’s Unpopular Opinion is that I don’t like Queer Eye, and have trouble understanding how people see it as heartwarming and uplifting when I see it as patronizing and condescending to the people it purports to “help.” All of that makeover and “life transformation” rhetoric (and the larger genre it belongs to), is founded on voyeuristic gawking at the poor pathetic person who dresses the wrong way/has the wrong hair make-up/eats the wrong food/keeps a messy house. And, at least for the couple of episodes of the new version I’ve seen, it seems like a lot of the underlying “wrong” ways people are presenting are wrapped up in socioeconomic/class issues. I can’t help but thinking, if they were doing a show on me, they’d make fun of my clothes and poke fun at the mess in my closet, and point out all the ways I’m doing life wrong. And yes, I know they way they make fun of things is usually lighthearted ribbing... but I still see the insult and mocking in it.

After giving a couple episodes a try, I’m not going to give it more tries, but aside from a bit of critique I’ve seen on twitter about the new season (about fat-shaming and cultural appropriation), it seems like everyone raves it.

I’m also perplexed because people who recommended it said that it’s progressed so much past the last version in terms of more diverse gay representation instead of stereotypes. But aside from having slightly more racial diversity—it doesn’t seem to have much representation across the LBGTQ+ spectrum? It seems to me to be 5 campy gay guys mostly fitting the same stereotype as the original?

Anyway, give me your thoughts about if you have different interpretations of Queer Eye (or if you agree) and share your unpopular opinions!